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The Bird
(by Connor Garvey)

Standing on a platform high, stick on a rope in hand
People come from far and wide for the trapeze man
The circus comes once a year on the tracks from Illinois
Not much else comes through here to enjoy
Word here travels slow but travels nonetheless
I heard its his last show heard it will be his best
weighing in 195, a legend so I’ve heard
closest man to flight alive, they call him
The Bird

Should he let go a second too late
a second too soon we all know the fate
most wouldn’t try or ever let go
they’d swing ‘till they stopped release and walk home
this dangerous flight, that’s why we stare
freedom is flying for those who dare

The ticket taker took her toll, the crowd pushed to their seats
starts with a drum roll to quicken heart beats
they sat through the elephants & sat through the lions roar
silence the evidence of who the crowd was for
“Now ladies and gentlemen I hope you’ve enjoyed the show
we’ve got a special treat before you go
Man’s not made for flight, this I’m sure you’ve heard
but let me introduce tonight the man, the legend, the bird”


The breathing and the music stopped
The Bird began to soar
eyes on the man up high,
thoughts on the floor
they’ve seen this show
before with flips all in-between
but he’s got something in store
ain’t nobody seen
Swinging momentum builds
a mother shields her eyes
fearing he might get killed
or lost to the skies
release...hearts in throats
release...bird just floats
Minutes passed and still he soared
the crowds all left and the closed the doors
they broke camp and the tent came down
they packed the train and headed out of town
He escaped the circus, escaped the show
at his peak he just let go
now in this town where truth is blurred
there’s talk of flight and a man, a legend, a bird


from Where Ocean Meets Land, released September 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Connor Garvey Portland, Maine

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